Selected School Works
A small collection of works from when I used to be a student. I LOVED architecture school! do you see it in my work?? I love creating feelings through and image, I love creating something in a blank piece of paper, I love starting a drawing because I know what its going to look like in my head! I AM a designer.
Exterior constructed perspective.
The construction lines and a portion of the plan; remember I did this in the Fall '03 Cabin Studio.
Conceptual Building Section.
Conceptual Sketch at Lake Fayetteville.
Basswood Section Model
The model reflected tectonics and the use of light in a small space.
My first project in architecture school, might have had the bigest impact so that i could remain positive and believe I AM a designer.
It was a process of studing how things are put together and find means to make them aesthetically pleasurable.
I challenged myself to do an operable door, and at a scale of 1/2"= 1'-0" it was very hard, but I succeded!
Axonometric closeup. Graphite on vellum.
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