Embassy for a small country.
While studying in Mexico City in the summer of '04, I partcipated in a studio where the main focus was the design of an Embassy for a small country. My partner Lisa Skiles were incharged of the full design; from plans to sections and vignettes of spaces. With the site located in Mexico City security was a big concern, other major features wasto inclde a library, Ballroom space and a Spiritual space, since the Embassy was not given a denomination. Lisa and I focused on the experiencial transition of spaces, mostly studied through vignettes and a physical model. Elevations and sections came from perspective studies, and vignette studies of light. The plan however came about from the urban study of the site; traffic versus flow of people.
Charcoal Sketch;  Aqueduct and mountains.  Queretaro, Mexico 
Spatial vignettes and light studies, from Ramirez Sketchbook.
Ballroom space.
Spiritual space.
Exterior perspective.
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